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Dance Behind The Screen

Dec 21, 2022

This episode reveals the kNOwBOX dance team’s favorite takeaways from the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022, how NBFF 2022 makers say NO to the BOX, and wraps season 4 with a short breathing meditation lead by freediver/dancer Marine Chesnais!  (22:00)

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Dec 14, 2022

In this episode kNOwBOX dance Ambassador Sumedha Bhattacharyya takes over the mic and talks about Environment and Dance Film with filmmakers from the Choreomundus Dance Film Festival. (33:50)

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Dec 7, 2022

In this episode the team talks with Renée Jaworski–the Executive Director/co-Artistic Director of Pilobolus–about creating work that responds to different aesthetics and cultures, the process of creating Shadowland, and reimaging the show for Saudi Arabia. (34:29) 

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The music at...

May 25, 2022

This short and sweet episode highlights the top tips for Dance and Film from all our guests in season 4!  (13:44)

Guests Include: André M. Zachery, Nathash Gilmore, Andreas Strand Renberg, Marianna Varviani, Pepe Valdez, JungJae Hur, DaeWook Jang, YoungMin Kim, Kelly Hargraves, Caroline Liviakis, Cara Hagan, and the...

May 18, 2022

Dance film author, artist, festival director, and curator Cara Hagan joins Martheya to give insight on the curatorial process, how to get your work submitted to festivals, and the impacts of social media on dance film.(28:02) Episode Show kNOwtes | Podcast...