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Dance Behind The Screen

Jan 15, 2020

On this episode your co-host Martheya interviews Elijah Alhadji Gibson the Founder and Artistic Director of Social Movement Contemporary Dance. He is a performer, choreographer, teacher, and professor. Gibson's choreography reflects his belief that dance mirrors how people embrace and/or resist the cultural boundaries, limitations, and expectations laid upon them by social constructs. This conviction motivated Gibson's creation of We Are Greenwood, which received critical acclaim and has been performed both at the Kennedy Center and Jacob's Pillow. He has performed work by the late Gus Giordano, Billy Seigenfeld, Christopher Huggins, Mia Michaels, and many others. On this episode we go behind the screen and talk about Elijah’s academic and professional career, the importance of preparedness and recognizing the source of things, his identity in relation to performance and choreography, and the human condition. 

*30:03 Trigger Warning Conversations on Race Riots/Massacres 

Detailed showkNOwtes: